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Pauline Fillioux - Tape Art
Pauline Fillioux - Tape Art
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Born in the south of France in 1987, Pauline Fillioux is early passionned by all art forms.


After a training in Design and Graphic Arts between Avignon and Marseille, Pauline Fillioux turned to Visual Art and started painting in 2006 under the influence of great masters like   Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marcel Duchamp or David Hockney.

When she arrives in Paris in 2008, she meets several major players in the art world, such as the famous designer Pierre Cardin and the Brazilian artist Marcos Marin which support and enable her to take its first steps on the market and exhibit for the first time in October 2009 in a gallery in Paris.


Between portraits, nudes, daily life and rediscovery of masterpieces, Pauline Fillioux is building herself a remarkable path. 


Her work brings together technological progress and a new and bold technique. She studies the composition of her photography, works the lights and shadows, and then brings those images by layering Packing tape or colored adhesive tapes creating this effect so special.

Each piece of tape is cut by hand, which makes his work unique.

This innovative technique, that she has been working on since September 2009, offers infinite possibilities to create.


But why Packing tape ?


She explains : "There is in my work this will to own and to divert the use of an ordinary material. It's about revenge against this tape whuch had caused more than one to scream ! One can find in my work this notion of going further than the imposed limits by these strips of tape. It is created to "close", while I use it to open the artistic world."

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